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This is a custom made ipa file of TomTom Mobile Navigator that covers USA, Canada, & Mexico, with its latest version of 1.5 for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad, and with latest map version 8.55.2934 that included such features as .

1. IQ route
2. Text to speech
3. Lane assistance
4. Google POI search
5. Navigate to photo
6. Radar safety speed cameras with red light cameras at intersections

As you all have noticed that I added 3 extra features that the retail Tomtom Mobile Navigator for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch don't come with are :

1. Detailed map seamlessly covering the USA, Canada and Mexico - unsimplified version.Map coverage statistics:

* countries fully covered (99.9%): the US (all states, including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada (all provinces) and Puerto Rico.

* includes over 7 million Points of Interest
* countries partially covered: Mexico
* roads covered: over 7.4 million miles
* additional information: Street level coverage for 40% of the population in Mexico with detailed coverage of 23 cities including Mexico City and Guadalajara
* additional information: 100% of connected network of major roads that allows you seamless navigation throughout Mexico.
* additional information: over 1500 miles of additional coverage added in Canada

2. 4 custom voices of Star Wars characters of Yoda, Han Solo, C3P0, and Darth Vader

3. Radar Safety Speed Cameras with Red Light Cameras at Intersections

The app only works for jailbroken iPhone, iPad, and iTouch with Appsync already installed on the iDevice. You can install Appsync in Cydia by adding "" repo under


Text To Speech voices are in the following languages:

* American English
* Mexican Spanish
* Canadian French
* German
* Italian
* Portuguese
* Dutch
* Swedish
* Norwegian
* Finnish

Non Text To Speech voices are included other languages

Here is the fully detail of the app:

TomTom app v.1.5
App Version 8.300 (585805)
Map: 'USA, Canada, & Mexico' v855.2934
Language: English US

Click below links to Download

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