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How to Install Themes for iPhone/iPod/iPad Cydia Tutorial

Here I will explain how to install themes into your iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad or iPad)

First make sure that you have WinterBoard from Cydia, then continue reading:

  • Installing theme via Cydia: Very easy, you will tap (install button) and that is it.
  • Installing an external theme:Themes you have downloaded from the web” The downloaded themes are either .deb or a compressed folder (.zip/.rar)
If the theme is a .deb file then go here>>
How to Install .deb File [iPhone/iPod/iPad Cydia Tutorial]

If the theme is a compressed folder (.zip/.rar) file,follow the steps:
  • Download iFunbox >> ( Windows , or Cyberduck for MacOS
  • Download the compressed folder (.zip/.rar) which contains the theme
  • Unzip the folder into your desktop, then run iFunbox and connect/SSH into your iDevice (iPhone/iPad)
  • iFunBox will show your device contents, Now navigate to
(Var > Stash > Themes) for Springboard/Complete/Lockscreen Themes
(Root > User > Library > SBSettings > Themes) for SBSettings Themes
  • Drop (move) the extracted folder>> the whole folder =
theme_name.theme for Springboard/Complete/Lockscreen Themes
theme_name for SBSettings Themes
from your desktop to iFunBox window >>
( /Var/Stash/Themes) for Springboard/Complete/Lockscreen Themes
(Root/User/Library/SBSettings/Themes) for SBSettings Themes
  • Run WinterBoard/Select the theme
  • Respring
  • You Are Done
TIP : I can not SSH into my iPhone/iPod/iPad!
  • I can not find var/root?
  • I can not SSH into my iPhone/iPad?
  • I have jailbroken device, my SSH client is discovering my iPhone/iPad as (JAILED)?
Install OpenSSH, reboot, then try again. If you still have the problem>> Install afc2add from Cydia then reboot.

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